Top 10 Must Have Products For Your Weimaraner


List #1

The Top 10 products that will make all the difference with your puppy preparation

1 Collar: Weimaraner puppies will grown fast, so you will need a couple of collars in the near future.  Start with a Nylon Puppy Adjustable Collars   so it will stay around their neck and then upgrade the Mature adult Adjustable Collar  in a few months.  When your puppy is a little stronger and more energetic, we have found the Gentle Leader Head Collar is the best option.

2. Leash: A non extendable leash is best for the Weimaraner puppy.  It will help them learn to walk at an appropriate distance from you. Pet Training Leash

3 Food and Water bowl: Our favorite food bowl makes eating fun.  The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl  encourages slower eating, which results in better digestion, and makes your puppy, or adult dog work for their food.  Make sure to keep water always accessible to your dog we found the Stainless Steel water bowl easy to clean, and the rubber base keeps the bowl from slipping.

4. Brush:  All puppies and grown dogs love a good rub and brush.  The Dog Grooming Brush is perfect for the short hair of the Weimaraner.  It collects hair and feels good at the same time

5. Shampoo:  It is always exciting to give your puppy a bath.  Weimaraner’s love water and so this is also a great time to get out some energy.  We love this 4 in 1 Dog shampoothat leaves the dog smelling great and their coat shining.

6. Crate:  Choosing a crate is an important step for creating a space for your puppy.  We have loved the Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate .  We love the double door access and it gives the puppy some space to grow.  It is light weight for travel and moving.

7. Toys:  It is always important to give your puppy toys that are enriching.  Toys that will make your dog think, work and play will be very beneficial.  We have love Nylabone , KONG Classic Dog Toy, Chuckit, and this Tug-n-Toss, for when your puppy has grown into a full size dog.

8. Bed:  It is important to get a bed that will be supportive to your dog as they grow.  We have found that our dog loves the back support on this Orthopedic Dog Couch Sofa Bed

9. Pooper Scooper: You want to purchase a tool that will make this part of being a dog owner as easy as possible.  We have loved this Clean Response Waste Management System.  It is quick and hassle free clean up.

10. Dog food:  It is always important to work with your do and veterinarian to figure out what food is best for your  puppy and grown dog.  As your puppy grows up you will want to change foods.  Remember to always mix new food with old food to help transition your dog into the new food and not upset their digestive system.  When it comes to dog treats we love the GREENIES .  They are a great treat for our dog and they help clean his teeth at the same time.


Disclosure: If you purchase anything from links on this website, I may receive some kind of affiliate commission. However, I only ever mention products I love and would recommend whether I was being compensated or not.

List #2 Healthy Dog Checklist

List#3 Ground Rules

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