3 Common Weimaraner Training Mistakes

Training a puppy can be challenging.  But there are 3 key issues that will help you to ensure success.


Timing is super important.  Remember your Weimaraner puppy has a very short memory span.  You must praise your puppy in the moment they performs the task. There are many ways to reward your puppy.  Play time, petting, toys and treats.  Use a variety of rewards so that your puppy will respond to many different was of praise, then make sure you give them positive feedback right when they perform the task you have asked them to do: sit, come, eliminate or whatever else they has accomplished.  If you wait and do a reward after the fact, it will provide confusion.  The same is true with discipline.  Make sure to watch your Weimaraner closely and when there is an accident in the house catch them in the act and scoop them up and take them outside.  If you wait and discipline later when you find an accident in the house, your Weimaraner won’t understand why they are being punished and again this will cause confusion .  Discipline or negative consequences does not mean violent or abusive actions.  All dogs respond to body language, tone of voice, a command, or hand signs.  Training should include positive consequences for positive behaviors and negative consequences for negative behaviors.

Treats generally and very successful when it comes to positive rewards.  We have found that we love theses Zuke’s Mini Naturals Chicken Recipe Dog Treats .  They are small enough that you don’t worry about giving them too many in one training session



Inconsistency is a huge training mistake.  There are a number of ways to be inconsistent with training.  Many people allow their puppies to jump up on them when they are little puppies, but then they want their puppies to stop jumping when they get bigger.  Some people won’t allow their puppies on their bed most days, but when their spouse is out of town they want their puppy to sleep with them.  Try to always put yourself in your puppy’s shoes and try thinking about your rules.  Would they be confusing?  Or are they super clear and consistent all of the time?  This doesn’t mean that you can’t start or change rules.  Try to think things through as much as you can and then consistently teach it to your puppy.  The earlier and more often you teach your puppy the easier it will be.

Giving Up

Be PATIENT!  Training can take longer that you expect.  But DON’T give up!  Just like with children, puppies will learning slowly but will pick up on events happening in their environment.  Stick to your training rules and expectations that you have set up for your house and your dog.  Reward positive behavior and provide negative consequences for poor behavior.  You much be the one who sets the expectations for positive and negative behavior.  By consistently communicating with you Weimaraner, you have the opportunity to teach your Weimaraner words.  When your dog repeatedly hears these words and understands what is expected of them, there will begin to grow a mutual respect for own and pet and there will be success in maintaining household rules, schedules and expectations of  behavior in different situations.  The most important part of training your puppy, or adult dog, is be able to take your dogs places and around people and provide the tools for your dog to react appropriately in the situations.   By training with respect and different forms of positive reinforcement, your Weimaraner knows they are behaving appropriate with they are pet and played with.   You have also ensured that you have complete control of your pet and you eliminate negative  behaviors and possible negative situations.  For more information on Respect training puppy training visit here
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