Quick and Successful Tips For Training Your Weimaraner


Always remember that a puppy has a very short memory span.  Make sure you praise and discipline in the moment that your puppy does something that is praiseworthy or requires discipline.  Even as your dog gets older discipline and praise should happen in the moment.  It will be much more effective if your puppy receives an immediate consequence rather than a lengthy punishment for an infraction that they can’t remember committing.

Most people get a puppy between 8-10 weeks old.  This is an important time in your puppy’s development because they have begun to shift their focus from the mom to their litter mates and people.  The puppies are exploring their independence and the outside world more.  You’ll really want to make sure that your puppy’s breeder is exposing them to different people, sounds and environments before they come to your home.  This will help your puppy adjust to you and the different situations that could arise in your home; i.e. children, visitors, etc.
Here are theweimaraner, we have found that it is very important that your Weimaraner respects you and that you show respect your Weimaraner.  Click here to read some tips from a professional dog trainer for ways to get your Weimaraner to respect you
For help in theses specific areas of training, click on the link below to learn some specific training tips for your Weimaraner
Sometimes it is easier to train you Weimaraner puppy (or adult dog) when you can see some of the training techniques in actions

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