Easy Weimaraner Nighttime Training Tips

The first few nights are usually difficult on your puppy (and you!).  Set yourself and your puppy up for success with these tips.  The three hours before bedtime are very important.  No food or water for those three hours before bedtime.  Try and keep your Weimaraner busy or let them play for those hours before bed as well so that they will be worn out.  Make sure your Weimaraner has been able to check out the crate before it is put in it for the night.  It’s great to leave it accessible to them during the day so they can inspect it a bit.
Your Weimaraner will most likely miss their mom and litter mates.  You will be the new dominant alpha “dog” in their life.  To help with this transition you can place small stuffed animal in the crate with them, and a small ticking clock.  This ticking clock can remind your Weimaraner of the heart beats of litter mate.   If your puppy whines in the night you can tell her a quick “no” or “shhh.”  If this continues don’t pet to “soothe”  as this will encourage this behavior and the whining will continue.

Nighttime Bathroom Trips

Your Weimaraner puppy will most likely need to eliminate during the night.  A potty training will help a lot to make nighttime and house training much easier.  To make this as easy as possible, have a leash, a flashlight, trash bag and whatever else you’ll need by your bed or the door to make your trip as quick as can be.  Your puppy should be able to last about 5-7 hours in the night.  It’s easiest if your Weimaraner is in a room close to you so you can hear.   Some puppies can hold their bladder all night, but not all can do that.  When you get up with your puppy, take them out quietly on their leash to the designated bathroom area.  Keep your trip short and quiet.  Tell them the command you have designated to go potty and praise briefly.  If you get too excited over your Weimaraner in the night, it will turn into a “party” for them and this will encourage her to repeat it.  Once your puppy has eliminated bring them back to the crate to go back to sleep.  In the morning take your Weimaraner out first thing before you do anything else to diminish chances of having an accident.

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