Flexible Potty Training Schedule to Eliminate Accidents


Potty Training Routine

You can start on a little routine with your Weimaraner from the day you bring them home.  Weimaraner’s are smart and can pick it up quickly  Most people get their puppies between 8-10 weeks and it’s a good rule of thumb that dogs can hold their bladders for as many hours as months old they are when they’re puppies.  So an 8-10 week puppy is about 2 months old and on average could hold their bladder for about 2 hours.  It’s ideal if you have a loose schedule for those first few days to get your puppy into a good routine.  Here’s a sample routine:
7:00 am wake up and immediately take puppy outside to eliminate
7:30 am breakfast and water
7:45 am back outside to eliminate
8:00-12:00 pm play and rest (outside to eliminate every 2 hours or when your dog looks like they needs to go)
12:15 pm lunch and water
12:30 pm outside to eliminate
12:45 – 6:00 pm play and rest (outside to eliminate every 2 hours or when your dog looks like they need to go)
6:15 pm dinner and water
6:30 pm outside to eliminate
7:00 – 9:45 pm play (no more food or water) (outside to eliminate every 2 hours or when your dog looks like she needs to go)
10:00 pm outside to eliminate for the last time that night
10:15 pm bed time

Potty Training Tips

Dogs are creatures of habit and Weimaraner’s pick up on habits very quickly.  Try to follow the schedule above, adapted to your own times of course.   Every time you take your Weimaraner outside to eliminate try to be as consistent as possible.  Put your puppy on a leash and walk them to their “spot” or area where you want them to eliminate in your yard.  Say the same command every time like, “go potty” in a nice tone.  Praise them when they completed their task.  This will help engrain this simple routine into your Weimaraner’s brain.  It is also helpful to leave a few of their stools in their potty area when they are learning, as dogs mark their spot and the scent will remind them that this is where they needs to do their business.

How to Handle Accidents

You have a new puppy so you are bound to have some accidents.  The best method is prevention.  Try to follow the little routine above by taking your puppy outside at consistent intervals.    Watch for signs that your Weimaraner needs to go to the bathroom such as whining and super interested sniffing or scratching.  When your puppy has an accident try your best to catch them in the act.  And tell her “no” in a stern voice.  But do not scare them, this could cause other problems such as submissive urination and could encourage repeat offenses.  Use a stern “no” and when they are stopped, pick the puppy up and take them outside to their potty area telling her to go potty in a more gentle tone.

​Make sure you clean up the soiled area thoroughly.  Dogs have a very strong sense of smell and even if you can’t smell it they might still be able to and could repeat eliminating in that area.  One of the best products is sold on Amazon and not only removes the stain, but the odor as well and is safe to use on wood floors, rugs, carpet and upholstery.

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