Tricks and Tips: Training Your Weimaraner To Walk On A Leash

pexels-photo-533416.jpegLeash Training

Most Weimaraner puppies are not used to walking on a leash.  Make sure your puppy is wearing puppy collar all of the time with her name tag on it.  Many breeders have some sort of collar on the puppies so this should feel comfortable to your puppy.  Place a regular non-retractable lead on your puppy in the house or in the back yard.  Let your Weimaraner just drag it around and feel the weight of it.  Do this several times a day over the first few days of having them home.
You can also pick up your puppy’s leash while following her around the house or yard.  This will slowly get her used to the idea that you will be holding her leash and walking her.  Again, don’t tug or force her to you.  She needs to warm up to this idea gently and maintain a positive association with her leash.

Walking your puppy

Once your puppy is used to having their leash on around the house and yard you can start taking them for short walks outside.  Try to practice  in a quiet place, inside or your yard might work well at first.  Set yourselves up for success by trying to eliminate distractions and have lots of treats in a pouch or in your pocket.  Lure your puppy around with treats.  This will keep your puppy close to you and they should be looking at you.  Every time your Weimaraner gets distracted call her again and when they look and come, give them a treat reward.  When you are on a walk, your Weimaraner should be on your left and right next to your knee.  When your puppy pulls too far ahead, stop and wait.  You should wait for your Weimaraner to walk back toward you.  Reward them with a treat when they get back to your side.  This will feel like a very slow process at the start, but it is so important.  When your Weimaraner is a puppy they are not strong enough to pull you over and this is the time to teach them the appropriate distance you expect them to be from you while walking.    You want to avoid pulling hard on the leash from the beginning.  The Gentle Leader Head Collar has been one of the most fabulous used and fabulous Weimaraner purchased we have ever made!  Try as you might, some pups cannot walk calmly on a leash.  If you find yourself owning one of these pups, buy a Gentle Leader Head Collar. They are life changing and make walking your pup a peaceful, easy exercise.  It is very important and will prevent or correct many behavior problems if your dog walks at a “heel” by your side.   The Gentle Leader Head Collar is able to give you control over your Weimaraner without having to possess super human strength to restrain an excited puppy and does not hurt them in anyway.  When your Weimaraner pulls on the Gentle Leader Head Collar, it softly forces their head to look at you and it redirects their attention back you you, so they can focus on the command you are giving them  We prefer this over a chest harness.  A chest harness leash does eliminate pulling on the neck of your Weimaraner, but it does give your dog extra strength to pull with their whole body.  The Gentle Leader Head Collar eliminates the neck being pulled on your puppy, and it doesn’t give extra pulling strength. We highly recommend it!

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