Make Your Child And Your Puppy Besties in 3 Easy Steps

Most people assume that once you buy a puppy their child and puppy will have an automatic friendship.  What’s not to love?  Puppies are adorable and kids love to play.  As cute as that Weimaraner may be puppies probably loves to nip, jump, chase and bark which can be pretty scary for some children.  From the puppy’s view, your child might squeeze, poke or yell at the puppy scaring them too.  What can be done when your child and puppy are both afraid of each other?  It will take some adult help, but follow these 3 easy steps and help your child and your puppy become besties!

Supervise and demonstrate

Children often learn by example.  Be present and involved when your children are interacting with your Weimaraner puppy as often as you can.  Your children will be watching how you handle the puppy closer than what you say.  Let them play alone too and watch what is going on.  Make sure you remember to praise your children and your Weimaraner when things are going well.  When the situation gets out of control and the puppy or the child gets frightened then it is time for you to intervene.  Make sure that if the puppy is scaring your child you take immediate action by disciplining the puppy firmly while your child is present.  Show your child some easy ways that they can discipline the puppy when you are not around.  Make sure your child knows when the puppy requires discipline and how not to hurt the puppy.  Overall the adult will be the main disciplinarian, but the child needs to have this ability as well.  The adult should demonstrate the proper way to discipline.  Make sure to show your child the proper and soft way to pet your puppy.  Let your children know that it is not okay to pull on the Weimaraner, or do other things that would hurt the puppy.   Try to instill in your child that the puppy is like a person with feelings and needs to be loved and dealt with kindly.

Make it fun

Kids and puppies love fun and games!  Encourage them to play together every chance you get.  Let your child pick out a dog toy at the store and help them and the puppy play with it.  Remember you will probably need to supervise or be in the vicinity for the first few times while they are playing.  Show your child some other games that you puppy might enjoy.  Chase is a natural one that can be good to wear out your puppy and your child.  Fetch is a bit more complicated for a young puppy, but your child can assist in teaching it.  Tug-of-war is another great natural game that they can play together.  Just make sure to be present or nearby in case a situation arises.  But the more fun they can have together the quicker and easier they can bond.


In addition to games you can also let your child help train the puppy.  This can also be made into a fun game like activity.  Demonstrate for your child the basics of teaching your dog to sit, down, fetch or whatever else you are teaching.  In addition to demonstrating, there are many great children’s books available online or at your local library.

Give them responsibility

Here’s a principle not often thought of but a sure way to create a bond between your Weimaraner and child.  We love the people and animals that we take care of and serve.  This will be true for your child as well.  There are so many positives that come from giving your child puppy responsibilities besides bonding.  It will help your child become more responsible, loving, and confident in their abilities.  There are many ways that your child can help take care of her puppy.  Your child can be in charge of feeding the your Weimaraner breakfast, making sure the puppy has fresh water, picking up poop, walking her daily, whatever else might work for you and your child.  Make sure that your child knows their responsibilities.  You can assist, praise or reward your child in whichever way helps them the most.  The goal is to have everyone feel successful.   A chore chart can also be helpful if that works for your child.  Overall, giving your child responsibility for their puppy is way that will create a deep and lasting bond.
We have found this have been really helpful in training our Weimaraner

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