When & How To Exercise Your Weimaraner


When and how much exercise for your puppy:  3 exercises to efficiently wear out your Weimaraner

Weimaraner’s are a high energy pure breed dog.  Weimaraner puppies need exercise to stay healthy and happy.   A wise man once said, “Every puppy needs exercise, discipline and affection in that order.”  and “A tired puppy is a good puppy.”   The best exercise, especially before your puppy turns 6 months is playing games.  Fetch, tag, chase, etc. are all excellent games and will be better exercise for your puppy than a walk or a run on their leash.  Dogs naturally don’t run in straight lines, they like to cut, turn and pounce.  Puppies also shouldn’t hold a sustained run for long periods of time.  There’s a lot of discussion over how much and how often to exercise your puppy.  Always consult your veterinarian first.  Most  recommend you can start running one mile with your puppy when they turn six months.  Then you can run between one and three miles the older they get and after they turn one year old you can increase your mileage to over three miles.  Always consult your veterinarian to make sure that your Weimaraner is healthy and able to run your desired mileage.  We’ve ranked the following 3 exercises in order of the most bang for your buck when wanting to efficiently wear your Weimaraner out:

1) Off Leash Dog Park or Area: this is the very best way to exercise your dog for so many reasons.  An off leash area will provide lots of physical exercise for your dog as they will chase, run, pounce and wrestle with other dogs.  It will also give them emotional exercise as they socially engages with other dogs and figures out how to best play with others.  Your Weimaraner will also have to be aware of where you are and make an effort to stay with you as you walk throughout the area.  This kind of physical and emotional exercise will wear your dog out much quicker than walking them the same distance.  Make sure you are up to date on all your shots before you head to an area with other dogs.  This is important for your dogs health and the other dogs you will encounter.  You can always check with your Veterinarian to make sure your Weimaraner puppy is ready to associate with other dogs

2) Fetch or another running game: is a great way to work your pup and give them great exercise.  Fetch provides lots of quick bursts of energy use and most dogs love it.  It’s an easy way to give your dog exercise and to play while to train them to bring the toy back

3) Running/walking on a leash: is the least tiring for a dog.  It’s probably the first thing a person thinks to do when they want to exercise their dog.  Walking/running is fabulous exercise for the human, but not so much for a dog.  Weimaraner’s love to working and need  a lot of exercise.   Walking/running on a leash provides exercise at a constant, steady and slow rate.  A walk/run can provide you with wonderful and important exercise and can be a great way to bond with your pup.  Don’t expect your Weimaraner to come home tired from a walk!

4) Hiking:  If you live in an area where there are mountain or hills, this is a great place to exercise your Weimaraner.  Think of hiking as a double exercise your dog.  Because your Weimaraner can be off leash they have the opportunity to do a little controlled wondering.  For every 10 steps you take your talk will take double or triple.  This is a great place to practice appropriate distance at which you want your Weimaraner to be from you.  They will go out in front, look to see where you are, come back to meet you, head out again to explore, look for you, come back to reconnect, and head out again.   This content cycle will help eliminate energy triple fold.  Remember to check with your local trails to see if there are any dog/leash restrictions before heading out.

Water is always an important necessity while exercising.  Just like you need to make sure you have enough water, you need to make sure your Weimaraner has access to water. If there are not natural creeks, rivers or ponds where you are exercising, make sure to pack water with you.  We love our Ruffwear Quencher Collapsible Bowl .  It packs into a daypack so easy and holds the perfect amount of water to hydrate your Weimaraner.

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