Making Your Weimaraner Work For Their Food

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When we say work for their food, we don’t mean table food off the counter…

Make meal time interesting

Weimaraner’s are fast and passionate about most everything they do, included eating.  Meal times are usually over within minutes as your puppy gulps down food.   Eating so quickly can cause dogs to be bloated, increase obesity and even choke.  There are many ways that you can make meal time beneficial for your Weimaraner by engaging the brain and making them earn and work for their meal and treats. For more on the actual food that your Weimaraner should be eating check out the Dog Guru 
  • Slow Feeder Dog Bowl has been my favorite Weimaraner purchase next to the Gentle Leader Head Collar.  Slow feeder bowls are great for slowing down eating.   Your Weimaraner has to think about how to access the food and can’t gulp it down quickly.  They are also easy to clean.

  • Stuff a KONG Classic Dog .  The KONG is awesome!!  The classic toy is perfect for stuffing and feeding your dog a meal.  Stuffing a Kong is simple.  Alternate with your dry and wet dog food.  The Kong can be stuffed a night or more in advance and left in the freezer making it more challenging and slowing your dog down more.   When you are using the Kong for a treat, try putting a scoop of Peanut Butter in the center of the Kong.  This will take lots of focus and energy to eat.

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