Weimaraner Nail Care: A 2 Step Plan That Eliminates The Fight

P1000494Nail care for you Weimaraner, is it necessary and how important is it?  Long nails can be bad.  They can get caught and rip on rocks, they can tear easily, they scratch surfaces, they sound awful, and the are ugly.

Let’s get serious and talk about the annoying click of your Weimaraner’s nails on the floor or sidewalk.  If you can hear them they are too long!  Here at theweimaraner, nail trimming is not something we look forward to but are always glad to have finished and out of the way for a month or two.  Due to the high activity of Weimaraner’s you might find that their nails stay trimmed just by the rubbing of the sidewalk or asphalt during long walks and running, but if not,  here is a 2 step plan to help nail trimming day run just a bit smother.

Step 1

It is important to get your Weimaraner used to having their paws touched.  It is always a good idea when your Weimaraner is a puppy to get them used to having their paws played with, ears tugged on, tail touched and face rubbed.  If you do these gently to a puppy they get used to these interactions and will be mare familiar with them.  This is also very good if you are planning to have your Weimaraner around children.  The tail, face, ears and paws are generally the first places children touch a dog.  Sometimes the children are not as gentle as needed and if your Weimaraner is used to being touched in these areas, you will avoid possible negative interactions.

Step 2

Once your Weimaraner is used to having their paws touched, it is a good time to start trimming their nails.  There are a few methods that work.  You can clip them using special dog Dog Nail Clippers , you can use a Dremel and then you can always opt to visit the local humane society or your veterinarian to have this done.  When you are trimming the nail it is always important to avoid clipping too low and hitting the quick of the nail.  On a Blue Weimaraner it is harder to see this on the darker nail, so it is important to look for the horseshoe white fleshy area.  This can also be difficult to see so moving slowly is always important.  I have found the method found here to be very helpful in trimming your Weimaraner’s nails.

When Hank, our Weimaraner was younger, we found that his back paws rarely needed trimming at all, due to his running, and his front paws didn’t have to be trimmed very often.  As he has aged, and is satisfied with a single daily run,  we have found that his nail trimming needs to happen more frequently.

We love the safety guard on these clippers that help eliminate cutting the nail too short

This is also great for those darker nails, as you can slowly shave off the nail.

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