Choosing the “Gray Ghost” or the Controversial Blue

P1000491One of the main decisions to be made when choosing your new Weimaraner is the color of Weimaraner you would like.  There are two colors of Weimaraner’s, the traditional Silver or Grey, and the more controversial Blue.  The color of the coat does not determine if your Weimaraner is a pure breed or not.  The color comes down to genetics.  It has long been discussed and debated whether a Blue Weimaraner is recognized among official  kennels clubs as a pure breed, but more recently there is not so much of a debate.

The Weimaraner is a dog breed that comes from Germany.  Back in the early 19th century the Weimaraner was bred as a hunting dog for the aristocrats and royalty.  They were used in hunting boars, bears and deer.  As the big game hunting diminished they began to be used for hunting smaller animals such as fox, rabbits, and fowl.  They are currently still used as bird dogs and have great noses, gentle mouths, and long stamina in the field for a long hunt.  They love to work and are very smart.

Cäsar von Gaiberg (“Tell”), was one of the first 4 Weimaraner’s to come to America in the late 1940’s early 50’s.  Tell was a darker blue Weimaraner than most were used to seeing and the controversy over color started. To read the whole story of Cäsar von Gilbert (tell) click here.  The blue coloring of the Weimaraner comes down to genetics, the same as in humans, when it come to hair color.  There are recessive genes and dominate genes.

It is genetically impossible to get a Blue Weimaraner from breeding two Sliver Weimaraner’s.  If you breed two Sliver Weimaraner’s you will get a complete littler of all sliver puppies

To get the blue color Weimaraner, you must have one parent the is a blue.  When this happens it is not considered cross breeding and there is no mixing or blending of colors.  You have to think of it as this.  If you have a bucket of red and green apples, and you reach you hand in and grab a handful of apples, you will grab a mixture of green and red apples, but never a mixture of the colors.

In the breeding process of Weimaraner’s,  if you have one or two blue parents, the law of averages comes into place and the blue puppies will have a genetic disposition to have a recessive silver gene attached to the dominant blue, or could possibly have double blue genes.   That is why two blue parents can have silver puppies.  If both blue parents have a dominant blue and a recessive silver, and both pass the silver gene, then they will have a silver puppy.  If both blue parents are double blue gene, it is not possible to have a silver puppy in the litter.  For more on the genetic of the Blue Weimaraner read this post.

Regardless of the genetics, what it really comes down to is what you prefer as an owner. Here at TheWeimaraner we have always been partial to the Blue Weimaraner’s but love when we run into the beautiful silver version at the park or on the trail.

A less known option when looking for your Weimaraner is the Long Haired version of this beautiful breed.  The long hair version is less popular but still as stunning.  Temperament and personality are the same in both hair lengths versions the Weimaraner. To learn more about the Long Haired variety of Weimaranier click here When it comes to shedding, all Weimaraner’s shed. We have owned a Weimaraner for the past 12 years and we hardly notice the hair.  The shedding of the long hair Weim might be more noticeable just due to sheer length.

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