Labrador or Weimaraner: More similar than different


When deciding between what breed of dog will best suit your home it is always important to make sure you understand the breed and their characteristics.  Growing up Labrador retrievers were the dog that lived in our home.  We had males and females, inside and outside only dogs, hunters, and lovers.

Labrador’s have great temperaments.  They love to play, are great with kids, have fantastic noses for hunting, and the ability to relax when the time comes.  When it comes to energy level I would categorize them as a high-medium energy level dog.  They need that attention and exercise that most large breed dogs need.  They need more than a walk on a leash around the block.  Similar to the Weimaraner, Labrador’s that are not exercised enough begin to engage in hyperactive behavior destructive behavior.  It is very important to keep both breeds physically and mentally exercised.   Because Labradors are great hunters, they also have the stamina like Weimaraner’s,  for long hunts and the ability to focus for long periods of time.  Labradors can be great runners on leashes but can not go for miles and miles like the Weimaraner. They are the perfect companion for hiking and exercise in the cooler temperatures.  Like the Weimaraner, Labradors are fantastic swimmers, and this is a great alternative exercise to hours of fetch.  Labrador’s are known to become very over weight if they are not frequently and regularly exercised.

Labrador’s have a double layer of water-resistant fur.  They shed, a lot.  The Weimaraner has a single layer of hair, that does shed, and that does need to be brushed to remove the dead hair.  To help eliminate massive shedding in the house we loved this Dog Brush for our Labrador’s.   Ben, Lucy, Lady and Willy would sit for hours and be brushed.  For our Weimaraner Hank, you can’t use such a rigid brush, their fur is not so thick and you can see right down to the skin on a Weim.  We have loved this Pet Glove: Grooming Tool .  The static and special design attracts the hair.  It soft enough to also allow you to brush and rub the skin.  Hank loves it especially during bathing time.

Weimaraner’s and Labrador’s are alike in so many ways.  They are great with children, they are a family pet that will interact with each member of the family and have different relationships with each.  They are great hunters, swimmers, runners and need a good amount of exercise.  Both dogs do shed, although, there is a big difference.  Weimaraner hair is like small long eyelashes.  Since they have less hair to start with they naturally have less hair to shed.  Shedding in both Labrador’s and Weimaraner’s seems to kick up during season changes.

They differ in that fact that Weimaraner’s have a big case of FOMO (fear of missing out)  they don’t like to be left alone, they want to be directly involved with anything you are doing and they believe themselves to be a main member of the family.  Weimaraner’s need more exercise that a Labrador.  If you are choosing between these two breeds, know that when your Weimaraner is young, it will need almost double the exercise that a Labrador will need.

Being around both dogs most of my life, I would say they are more similar than different.    They both have the beautiful big block heads, the proud stature and the ability to love.

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