Yes it is TRUE: Your dog could be allergic to the food you eat!


If your dog is anything like Hank, our Weimaraner, they are a built-in vacuum.  Meal time, especially with small children, is complete paradise for your four-legged friend.  One needs to be careful about the treats, or leftovers that are given to your pet.  Some of the foods that are good and nutritious for us, can be very harmful for your pet.

When Hank was 2 years old we lived at a house that had a beautiful old grape-vine growing on our fence.  It was old, with great big leaves, a sturdy trunk and ample fruit.  Hank was used to being left in the yard for short periods of time as I would run quick errands or pick the kids up from school.  This was the first year he had been at the house when the vine produced fruit.  I had no idea that grapes could be harmful to a dog.  We had been watching the fruit mature and we were just days away from a very success harvest.  We love to juice the grapes and make jelly’s and juice to use year round.  My kids had been snacking on a few grapes on the vine, and of course a few ripe grapes had fallen into the grass.  We left to run to soccer practice and returned 30 minutes later.  I didn’t notice anything different until we went to let Hank in the house from the back yard and noticed his face.  As documented in the photo above, he had a very swollen face and small pea sized bumps over his entire body.  The swelling continued until his left eye was completely shut and his muzzle was almost double in size.  I couldn’t figure out what had happened, until we went out later that day to harvest the grapes.  The bottom 2/3 of the vine was completely empty of grapes.  He had probably eaten his body weight in perfectly juicy and ripe grapes.  I instantly did some research and realized that grapes can be very poisonous to dogs.  We watched him through the nights, made sure he kept drinking.  He never regurgitated any grapes, so it did take a couple of days for the grapes and their sides effects to wear off.  We had prepared our kids for the worst outcome.  He was showered with loves and snuggles and he pulled through, but we learned our lesson the hard way about the dangers that everyday foods can present to dogs.  We did our research and found some good healthy food that can be given to most dogs.  Remember it is always important to check with your veterinarian before you introduce new food to your dogs, but here were a few foods that we love to plant in our garden and that we have in our refrigerator that we love to give to Hank as a treat


Carrots, cheese sticks, hot dogs, peanut butter, cucumber peels, cooked eggs, freshly cooked chicken, yogurt


Grapes, caffeine, salt, avocados, onion, some nuts, and too much apple.  A great read is the 7 Human Foods That Can Be Fatal to Dogs

For a full list of human foods that your dog CAN and CAN’T eat click here


Remember to check with your veterinarian when introducing new food and to listen to your dogs reactions to new foods.  We found that Hank was allergic to Beef raw hides and bones, so we always opt for the Pork versions.  Be aware and involved in your pets diet, especially when it come to treats to make sure they are staying health.

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